Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yoga to Enhance Your Memory and Sharpen Your Mind

Now days, due to increasing work load, busy schedules and excessive mental stress, people are having trouble recollecting events due to loss of memory. This happens when there is lack of oxygen in the brain or lack of circulation of blood in the brain. This is seen in groups belonging to all ages from young children to old people.
Regular practice of yoga can help you increase your memory and concentration. Asana and Pranamaya have great power when put into practice. It helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the brain, which will increase the oxygen level in the brain, thereby releasing stress and keeping the mind sharp.

There are many Asanas and Pranamayas that will help to improve memory and concentration.

Sarvangasan: standing on shoulders

Lie flat on the ground, keep the heels and toes joint and the legs straight. Place your palms facing the ground and push the palms against the floor, inhale and lift the leg to 90 degree from the hip keeping the knee straight. Exhale and take the leg beyond the head so that the leg is parallel to the ground. Now support your back with your hands by placing your palms on the back, now straiten your legs to 90 degrees so that the whole wait of the body is on the shoulder and your chin is touching the chest. Maintain normal breathing and stay in this position till the time you are comfortable.
Caution: - People having back pains and neck pains should avoid this position. Pregnant women should also avoid this position.


Breathing Technique :
Sit in a crossed leg position with your back straight. Inhale with both your nostrils and expand your abdomen. Now start exhaling from both the nostrils and contract your abdomen every time you exhale. The air is pushed out of the lung by contracting the diaphragm. Do not concentrate in inhaling it will happen automatically. To begin with one can exhale 15- 20 times and then relax (as you practice you can gradually increase the exhale counts to 120).

This is the first round, three such rounds can be practiced.