Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yogamudra has a curative and corrective effect for the asthmatics. The lungs and their bronchial branches are stimulated in a very effective way. The blood from the lower region begins to flow upwards and massages the veins of the lower bronchioles of the lungs. This helps restore the normal health of the lungs and their functioning. The internal organs of abdomen work efficiently as a result of its practice.It is beneficial in constipation and removes seminal weakness.
1. Sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana. If you cannot sit in these positions, then try to sit in Vajrasana.2. Take both hands towards your back and catch the wrist of one hand with the other; Make a fist with the hand which has been grabbed. Keep neck straight.3. Exhaling in 2 counts, slowly start bending from your waist. Continue the bending till forehead touches the ground. Let the head come down only as far as it can easily be lowered. Hold the breath in that position for 4 counts. Do not allow your buttock to leave the ground during its practice4. After maintaining it for some time, raise your forehead and chest. Release your hands also and sit erect.
Those suffering from hypertension or chronic headache should not practice this asana.

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